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Prof. Young

Professor Edward D. Young; Professor of geochemistry and cosmochemistry; Email

Young CV

Moon radio interview link Click for interview about work on the origin of the Moon

 Public Lecture, origin of the solar system....




Dr. Issaku Kohl; Researcher in isotope geocehmistry and cosmochemistry; Email


Current students


Michelle Jordan; cosmochemistry; Email



Nate Monson; astrochemistry; Email


Ash picture

Jeanine Ash; biogeochemistry; Email



Kaitlyn McCain; cosmochemistry; Email




Former PhD students & Postdocs


Katie Dyl; Presently a Researcher at Curtin University; Email



Anat Shahar; Presently a Staff Scientist at the Carnegie Institution of Washington; Email


Justin Simon photo

Justin I. Simon; Now a Planetary Scientist at NASA Johnson Space Center; Email



Rachel Smith; Now Director of Astronomy and Space Observation, North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences; Email




Cam Macris photo

Cam Macris; Now at Caltech; Email

Dan Petrizzo

Dan Petrizzo; Now a Research Affiliate at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory; Email

Laurence Yeung photo

Dr. Laurence Yeung; Now an Assistant Professor at Rice University; Email

Harju picture

Ellen Harju; cosmochemistry; Email