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Title: Neoproterozoic basement history of Wrangel Island and Arctic Chukotka: integrated insights from zircon U‐Pb, O and Hf isotopic studies
Authors: E.S. Gottlieb, V. Pease, E.L. Miller, and V.V. Akinin
Publication: Geol. Soc. London Spec. Publ., v. 460, p. .
Publish Date: 2017
DOI: 10.1144/SP460.11
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The pre‐Cenozoic kinematic and tectonic history of the Arctic Alaska Chukotka (AAC) terrane is not well known. The difficulties in assessing the history of the AAC terrane are predominantly due to a lack of comprehensive knowledge about the composition and age of its basement. During the Mesozoic, the AAC terrane was involved in crustal shortening, followed by magmatism and extension with localized high‐grade metamorphism and partial melting, all of which obscured its pre‐orogenic geological relationships. New zircon geochronology and isotope geochemistry results from Wrangel Island and western Chukotka basement rocks establish and strengthen intra‐ and inter‐terrane lithological and tectonic correlations of the AAC terrane. Zircon U‐Pb ages of five granitic and one volcanic sample from greenschist facies rocks on Wrangel Island range between 620 ± 6 and 711 ± 4 Ma, whereas two samples from the migmatitic basement of the Velitkenay massif near the Arctic coast of Chukotka yield 612 ± 7 and 661 ± 11 Ma ages. The age spectrum (0.95‐2.0 Ga with a peak at 1.1 Ga and minor 2.5‐2.7 Ga) and trace element geochemistry of inherited detrital zircons in a 703 ± 5 Ma granodiorite on Wrangel Island suggests a Grenville‐Sveconorwegian provenance for metasedimentary strata in the Wrangel Complex basement and correlates with the detrital zircon spectra of strata from Arctic Alaska and Pearya. Temporal patterns of zircon inheritance and O‐Hf isotopes are consistent with Cryogenian‐Ediacaran AAC magmatism in a peripheral/external orogenic setting (i.e. a fringing arc on rifted continental margin crust).