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Title: The Hyperion‐II radio frequency oxygenion source on the UCLA ims 1290 ion microprobe: Beam characterization and applications in geochemistry and cosmochemistry
Authors: Ming‐Chang Liu, Kevin D.McKeegan,T. Mark Harrison, George Jarzebinski, LvcianVltava
Publication: , v. 424, p. 1‐9.
Publish Date: November 2018
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BibTEX Citation: MingCLiu:2018.bib


Aradio‐frequency plasma ion source, the Hyperion‐II, has been commissioned on a CAMECA ims 1290, a high resolution/high transmission secondary ion mass spectrometer at UCLA. Performance characteristics(e.g.,beam density,spot size,etc.) of the primary oxygen beam are documented and application to isotopic analyses requiring high lateral resolution with high secondary ion transmission are described. The Hyper ion source delivers on average 10 times and 6 times the current density delivered by the CAMECA duo plasma tron for 16O−and16O2‐beams,respectively.This significantly enhanced current density allows for reduction of the analytical spot size by at least a factor of three while maintaining the beam intensity, making it possible to per for misotopic measurements at smaller scales without sacrificing analytical precision. In addition, the smaller Hyperion beam spot size also reduces the cross over size and spherical aberrations in the secondary ion optics,thereby improving secondary ion transmission at mass resolving power of 3000‐12,000 by 25‐80 ‰ compared to that achieved with a duo plasmatron.