How-to Start the Duo

Inital Conditions

  1. Primary Beam High Voltage Chassis should be ON. If off, make sure main isolation valve is CLOSED before turning on.
  2. Main isolation valve should be open.
  3. Duo HV (primaty accelerating voltage) should be zero

Actions to Take

  1. Columns -> Start Source -> Duo -> Apply. Turn gas on.
  2. If arc current ~ 75mA, go to step (6). Otherwise, proceed with step (3).
  3. Turn Duo gas off.
  4. Reset Primary Ion Gauge (UHV1 on middle controller).
  5. Turn gas on then go to step (2).
  6. Wait for 30 seconds for Duo pressure to stabalize (CC1 on middle controller).
  7. Press Valid on the keyboard.

Note: If you have already pressed Valid (Duo HV is on) before you notice that there is no arc current, proceed with instructions "Duo_goes_out.txt".

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N 34° 4' 9" W 118° 26' 27"