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Thermo-Kinetic Interpretative Model for Couple Basement-Detrital thermo-chronology

O. M. Lovera,  M. Grove, B. Kohn, J. Fletcher, D. Kimbrough, P. Umhoefer, T. Schwennicke, A. Gleadow

We have developed a thermo-kinetic numerical model to simultaneously interpret detrital and basement thermochronology based upon variational methods designed to better constrain the initiation time, slip history, and erosion history of rifted arc crust.  The San Jose del Cabo (SJDC) normal fault is a major east-dipping normal fault associated the San Jose del Cabo rift basin and mid- to late Cretaceous arc basement (Los Cabos block). Preliminary results indicate that approximately half of the 10 km total basement denudation is due to Late Miocene-Recent rift-related denudation. Peak exhumation occurred at 7 m.y. at 1 km/m.y. K-feldspar multi-diffusion domain results limit total denudation to ~4 km and indicate that virtually all slip along the SJDC fault took place after 10 Ma of similar to the age of the oldest known sediments within the SJDC basin.


Fortran Subroutines(zip file)

Program Guidelines (PP presentation)

Program Guidelines(In preparation)

2007 AGU Poster (PDF 58Mb)

Developetment of the GKS approach was supported by NSF Award--0609911